Our launch product family is called TinyTimer. This is a series of special-purpose timers that can control DC or AC loads.

Common Features:

  • Based on Arduino IDE
  • 6 pin ISP header
  • Utilizes USB-B connector for 5v power.  Can use any USB power source including wall power adapters, battery packs, laptop or desktop computers.
  • Features 2 status indicators, Red for wait cycle and Green for power-on cycle.
  • On board relay rated for 10A 120VAC or 10A 30VDC.  Recommended max load is 6A 120VAC
  • Relay is protected from current inrush by a capacitor and resistor
  • Utilizes a BC517 transistor to drive the relay and has a common Diode to protect the transistor from the relay.  The BC 517 is driven by an Atmel Atmega328P series chip
  • Designed for through hole components.
  • Designed in Eagle


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