Yet Another Revision to TinyTimer-Classic

Found an issue with the ISP and while I was fixing it I realized I could free up a pin to add an input.  There is very little cost involved with adding the input which is a great thing.  It significantly increases the things you can do with the timer by allowing it to react to an external input.

Change Log:

  • added 2 pin terminal block for input via an Analog pin on TinyTimer.
  • labeled load and input terminal blocks.
  • connected input terminal block to VCC (5v) and a 100 ohm resistor -> ADC 3.
  • Moved RED led off the serial clock line. It was causing the ISP to not work properly.  Validated by cutting one lead on the prototype.
  • Adjusted some component locations for easier assembly.

Here are some images related to the changes and improvments:

board-layout-tiny-timer Tiny-Timer-board-layout schematic-tiny-timer-classic-v8

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