TinyTimer-KS Developments

I spent some time tuning the TinyTimer design with the interface.  I realized I wasn’t happy with simple pins for the input and logic connection points.  I changed them to terminals which set off a cascade of space issues.  I wound up re-laying out the entire board this evening to deal with some space constraint issues.

Added a top layer ground plane to resolve some ground plane issues.  Incorporated some best-practices settings from Sparkfun to increase manufacturing tolerances by setting higher separation values.

The big change is that I put the LED driver at the top of the board to isolate all of it’s traces and get them out of the way.  The input buttons moved to the bottom of the board where they are easier to manage.  The run/program jumper moved to the other corner.  It will be important for people to disconnect the load before programming.

TinyTimer Candidate
TinyTimer Candidate
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