TinyTimer KickStarter Edition is code complete

I wrapped up the code for TinyTimer KickStarter edition.  This completes the project and paves the way for units to ship.  It has several unique features that are missing from similar units on the market.  These features include:

  • Arduino IDE compatible for education and hacking
  • OpenSource Hardware design with Eagle files available.
  • Push Button programming and easy to use jumper for run/program mode.
  • Natively supports time periods of deciseconds (1/10th second), seconds, minutes, hours, and days.
  • Allows periods to be mixed for significant flexibility.
  • Supports values of up to 9999 for deciseconds, seconds, minutes, and hours.  Days are limited to 490 based on limitations in 32 bit unsigned long numbers.
  • Example applications:
    • Run a pump for 1 hour per day, or per week.
    • Flash a light for 2.5 seconds once per minute.
    • Run a device for 2 hours once per 30 days.
  • Kit price is expected to be $55 with a fully assembled and tested unit for $75.  Shipping not included.
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