Listing Photography

We can help showcase your residential or commercial listing. Whether it’s a shiny penny home or a diy-special we can help you present the best aspects of your property. Contact us today to discuss your project or schedule an appointment now.

What’s Included:

  • Photos of all sides of exterior of home. Typically 8 to 12 photos. Subject to access.
  • Photos of each room from at least 2 angles.
  • Photos of any amenities or features on the property such as pools, hot-tubs, etc.
  • Photos of one detached garage the same as the home (exterior and interior shots).
  • Basic Review and Color adjustment in Adobe Lightroom.
  • Delivery of MLS compatible photos electronically (2048×1536)
  • 99 year, non-transferable limited license to use the photos for real estate marketing purposes.

What’s Not Included:

  • Illustration / adulteration of photos: Replacing the sky, grass, adding fake furniture, etc is something we don’t offer. Photos need to represent the subject as realistically as possible and illustrating the photos departs from this. We understand that some people don’t agree with this belief and you are welcome to have someone else illustrate the photos for you. The net of it is that your Houston house needs a Houston skyline. The grass here is pretty green most of the year as well.
Property TypeSquare FeetCost
Condo or Apartment1000 or less$125
Average Home1001 to 4000$175
Large Home4001 to 6000$250
Extra s/fper 1000 s/f above 6,000$25
Additional BuildingPer 1000 s/f$30