TinyTimer – KickStarter Edition

Kickstarter edition is a gentler and easier to use version of Tiny Timer.  It is intended to be accessible to non hackers.  Board measures 2.79 x 2.65 inches.

 Current Status: In development – Prototype boards on order.

Additional Features:

  • optional output pin-header to bypass the relay and drive an external SSR such as the Futek SSR-25-DA which is rated at 380VAC 25A and is UL Component rated.
  • optional input pin-header for adding an input sensor or button.  Allows timer to be reactive to an event or condition.
  • The Atmega328P series processor is the same processor used in some Arduino models.

Reason Designed: I wanted to bring this product to market and make it more accessible to non-programmers and non-hackers.

Schematic (click to enlarge):


PCB Layout (click to enlarge):


Eagle Files :TinyTimerKickStarter-eagle-files

Arduino Code: Tiny Timer Kickstarter-Arduino Code

Assembly Instructions: tinytimer-kickstarter-manual

External Resources needed for code:

Kickstarter Supporters

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