TinyPLC – Duo

TinyPLC Duo is a two channel PLC with two inputs and two outputs.  It measures 4.04 x 1.65 inches.

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  • two relays rated for 4A @ 120V AC or 4A @ 12V DC.
  • Logic outputs on each relay for interfacing with external Solid State Relays.
  • Two semi-protected inputs for switches or other sensors.
  • ATmega 328P-PU chip, compatible with full Arduino IDE and library.
  • Features 30K of program space
  • 6 pin ISP Header
  • USB-B socket for 5v power.
  • Green, Blue, and Red LED’s – programmed to indicate relay and state status in example code.
  • Reset button
  • Transistors are protected by bypass diodes to prolong system life.
  • Relays are protected by resistance/capacitance filters to prolong contact life.
  • Relays are rated for 10A – 240V AC or 10A 30V DC (current limited by trace size on PCB).

Available on Tindie: http://www.tindie.com/products/Nanohawk/tinytimer-duo/


  • Two Relays, one protected for heavy AC load.
  • ATTiny85 based chipset
  • Arduino IDE compatible – limited command set on Tiny series processors.

Reason Designed: I needed a two stage timer to control a reverse osmosis system.

Manual: tinytimer-duo-manual

Arduino Code: Arduino Code – TinyTimerDuo

Eagle Files: TinyTimer-Duo-Eagle-Files

Included Parts:


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    1. Hi,
      I need to finish the development and testing. Should be sometime in late September. Please subscribe to my twitter feed @NanohawkCo for announcements. Thank you for your interest.

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