TinyPLC – Solo

A single channel Programmable Logic Controller for hobby and light industrial applications. Based on the Atmega 328 microcontroller for full Arduino IDE compatibility.  Board measures 2.79 x 1.5 inches

Status: Completed – prototype in process

Buy-It: Tiny PLC Solo


  • Atmel Atmega328P-PU Microprocessor
  • Arduino IDE compatible
  • 6 pin ISP header for programming
  • 4 amp rating -limited by trace thickness and width on PCB
  • Relay is rated for 10A.
  • Features an input header connected to an Analog pin on the chip. This increases versatility for custom applications.

Reason Developed: I needed a way to economize the use of my water recirculating pump while ensuring I had hot water in the house.  I designed and built this circuit to run for 75 seconds and then wait for 450 seconds.  I wanted to be sure I could modify it in the future if the need arose.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WkIpV5TWQg


Tiny PLC 12 Jan 2014
Tiny PLC 12 Jan 2014

Manual: (pending)

Eagle Files: TinyPLC-Solo Eagle Files

Code: (pending)

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