TinyDelay – timed relay

TinyDelay is a small footprint timed relay that uses an input such as a switch for a trigger.  For a cpu it uses the ATTiny85 which saves space.  The board measures 1.99 x 1.3 inches.

Status: Completed – Available!

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  • Atmel ATTiny85 Microprocessor
  • Arduino IDE compatible – limited command set
  • 6 pin ISP header for programming
  • 4 amp rating -limited by trace thickness and width on PCB
  • Relay is rated for 10A.
  • Features an input header with a 10k resistor forming a pull-up circuit.  Connect a switch or button for easy input sensing.

Reason Developed: A customer on Tindie ordered a TinyTimer for this application and wanted a small footprint with a reliable input button.

Application Suggestions:

  • 5 minute timer for a dust collector or shop vac.
  • Exit gate delay
  • Auto-off light switch
  • Basic Alarm – intrusion or water
  • Bathroom fan – press a button, it runs for 10 minutes and shuts off.

Kit includes all parts required for assembly.

Recommended tools and accesories:

  • USBTinyISP programmer or similar with 6 pin ISP cable
  • ArduinoIDE with ATTiny modifications installed
  • USB-B cable and power source (cell phone charger, computer, etc)


tiny-delay-2 tiny-delay-board2 tiny-delay-schematic

Manual: (pending)

Eagle Files: TinyDelay-eagle


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