TinyPLC, TinyDelay and TinyTimer Kickstarter updates

I received word yesterday and today that the next few prototype boards are headed my way from the great folks at OSHPark.  The products headed in are TinyDelay, TinyPLC Solo, and TinyTimer Kickstarter.

TinyDelay is an input sensing delay timer.  Push a button and it turns on (or off) a relay for a set period of time.  It’s a new product that is aimed at specific applications like exit gates or lights.  Kit price will be approximately $13.50


TinyPLC Solo is a single channel Arduino compatible PLC.  It has a single analog input and a single output channel.  It can handle whatever logic you program into the 32k of RAM.  Arduino IDE is convenient and easy to use.  Kit price should be around $20.

Tiny PLC 12 Jan 2014
Tiny PLC 12 Jan 2014

TinyTimer Kickstarter is TinyPLC with an LED Interface and buttons for field programming.  It makes it easy to program run time and total cycle length for non-hackers.  Kit price is about $50.  The big leap in cost is due to the cost of the additional PCB space, LED Driver chip, and LEDs.  The LED Driver chip alone adds $10 to the parts cost.


Aggravation leads to product change

I sold a TinyTimer-Classic with assembly today.  The assembly went fine… the testing did not.  After several hours I concluded that sharing the MOSI/MISO lines was causing grief.  After wrestling with several alternatives, I decided to retire TinyTimer-Classic.  It will be replaced with an upgraded board called TinyPLC.  This is an Atmega328 based unit and essentially rolls forward the work of TinyTimer under a more appropriate product name.

The new unit will increase in cost due to the larger PCB and the beefier Atmega328 cpu.  While I regret increasing the cost of components, it is still a bargain compared to the cost of an industrial PLC.

Here is a preview of the board:

Tiny PLC 12 Jan 2014
Tiny PLC 12 Jan 2014

Should have the initial boards in hand at the end of the month.  This is the core design involved in TinyTimer Duo and TinyTimer KS.  Look for the following product developments:

TinyPLC Single (this unit)

TinyPLC Duo (TinyTimer Duo)

TinyPLC Quad (4 channel version)  I have to review the pin availability, but I’m pretty sure this is do-able.