Custom Aerial Mapping

Aerial mapping using a drone service is a fast, effective way to get high resolution imagery for a variety of projects. Similar to Google Maps satellite views, but much more current and far higher resolution. From the image capture we can generate a variety of map types including 2D “stitched” images (think Google Maps), 3D models of structures and property, topographic maps, object counts (cars / cattle / dead trees), and stockpile analysis (gravel, sand).

Pricing is based on high resolution mapping which is what most clients want. This means determining the minimum-safe altitude for your site and then capturing the maximum image resolution available. If you need to lower the mapping cost for more generalized needs we can fly at a higher altitude and lower resolution at a lower cost. Contact us to discuss your project needs.

The aerial mapping process is simple. We identify the area you want to produce an aerial map for. We then verify that it is safe and legal to fly there. If airspace clearance issues come up we work with you and the FAA to resolve them if possible. From there we fly a data collection mission to obtain the hundreds of images needed to build an aerial map. We then process the images using the right tool for your project and produce the desired map product. This can be delivered using a number of digital methods including DropBox, Thumbdrives, CD or FTP. An additional fee applies for non-electronic or time-consuming delivery methods.

Sample Aerial Mapping Project: Herman Brown Park – City of Houston.

First we work with you to identify the area to be mapped and execute the data collection project. In this case we collected over 250 high resolution images. After processing the aerial mapping difference is amazing, see image number 3 for a side by side comparison. We then have the ability to export various products such as a topographic map and a high resolution overview of the site. Explore the Sample Map in more detail by downloading it here. Note – it is a 100+ MB file and will open in a new window.