Aerial Photography Services Company

Wouldn’t it be great if you could fly like an Eagle? Unfortunately, most of us don’t have that talent. You can still get the perspective of a hawk with NanoHawk.

Whether you need a bird’s eye view for a photo or a video, we have you covered with high resolution, high-quality aerial photography services. State of the art, safe drone technology can capture still photography or video of your asset, project, or event.

You can learn more about our Aerial Drone Services by following the link.
Curious about what equipment we fly? Or what ground based gear we can use?

Popular Applications Include:

  • Real Estate Listings – Beautiful photos and video help buyers know your listing is the one.
  • Construction Sites – In Progress and As-Built
  • Heavy Equipment / Trucks – In action, or fly around video.
  • Insurance Loss Inspections – High Quality, Safe documentation.
  • Difficult or Inconvenient Access Locations – Towers, Building Siding, trees.
  • Documentation of site / property conditions

Choose from one of our popular aerial photography services flight packages.

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Aerial Drone Services

Whether your project is for high-quality photos, 4K Video, industrial inspections, or residential inspections we can help you and make it easy.

Client Focused: Our client focused approach keeps safety a priority while ensuring that your needs are met. Our drones are equipped with some of the best in-flight collision avoidance systems on the market. This helps keep them safe and prevent incidents.

Access: We have experience with inspecting industrial equipment such as light towers that are difficult or dangerous to access. Drones can quickly and easily provide you with a fresh perspective. One that isn’t easy to get when you are hanging on from a ladder or railing.

Quality: The drones used in our service feature Hasselblad lenses and high definition 24-bit color for the best quality in a small portable package. This enables our drones to get in and get the photos or video footage.

When you can’t fly like an eagle it’s best to have the vision of a Hawk, let NanoHawk help you today!

Flight Packages

Choose from one of our popular flight packages or contact us to discuss your project and get a custom quote. Click here to contact me.

Flight TypePriceIncluded PicturesVideo LengthDescription
Residential Photo$10010 to 15noneGreat for high res listing or project photography.
Residential Photo and Video$15010 to 1530 seconds of 4K video footageThe total listing package that includes 4K video and high resolution photos.
Commercial Photo$20020 to 30noneExcellent for showing your commercial property for sales and management purposes.
Commercial Photo and Video$25020 to 301 minute of 4K video footageA great way to showcase your commercial property. Can be used for marketing, real estate sales, or other management purposes.
Construction In-Progress$15010 to 15noneDetailed - High resolution aerial photos per your specifications.
Custom Video and Photo$200/hrincludedincludedHave a project that doesn't fit into a flight package? We'll work with you to meet your needs for aerial inspection, photo, and video work.
Photo Editing$1.25/minute ($75/hr) with a 15 minute minimumWe're happy to crop, label, or otherwise modify your photos for an additional fee
Video Editing$75/hr - 2 hour minimumWe can provide basic or full editing for your aerial video. We're also happy to deliver the files and let you edit in-house.
Mapping under 10 acres$20/acren/an/a$100 Minimum
Mapping 11 to 20 Acres$15/acren/an/a$200 Minimum
Mapping 21+ Acres$10/acre$300 Minimum
  • Prices do not include Texas Sales Tax (8.25%).
  • Prices do include mileage for locations up to 25 miles one way. Additional mileage is billed at .60/c mile traveled.
  • All projects archived at no additional cost. We can digitally provide your photos or footage again for you at a later date at no cost. This is helpful in case you lose your copy.